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Free Bitcoins
ViceDatum: Četvrtak, 14.01.2016, 09:40 | Poruka broj: # 1

Poruka: 116

ima nas masu koji jos nisu ni culi za bitcoin
pa evo jedne dobre stranice preko koje se mogu dobivat FREE bitcoin

ViceDatum: Četvrtak, 14.01.2016, 09:42 | Poruka broj: # 2

Poruka: 116

naravno za svake pare pa i za bitcoine treba novcanik/wallet

metlakaoDatum: Subota, 26.03.2016, 01:51 | Poruka broj: # 3

Poruka: 13

za sta je to ikako se koristi malo info na pp akomoze hvala
YuriDatum: Subota, 21.01.2017, 17:22 | Poruka broj: # 4

Poruka: 1

Bitcoin je digitalni keš. Doslovno. Može ti banka ovršiti sve račune koje imaš, ali ti ne može ovršiti keš u džepu. Isto tako ti ne može ovršiti ni bitcoine.
Bitcoin mreza (Peer2Peer mreza - poput torrenta) služi da se, na globalnom nivou, moze izvrstiti direktan prijenos vrijednosti uz poptupnu sigurnost, pseoudoanonimnost i placanje minimalne transakcije.
Bitcoin nema centralno mjesto koje ga izdaje, poptpuno je decentraliziran i autonoman. Nitko ne stoji iz bitcoina jer je open source, tj svi mogu vidjeti kod softerwa.
Novi bitcoinin se stvaraju tako da svi kompjuteri u Bitcoin mrezi (mineri) sudjeluju u pogađanju zagonetke koja se zasniva na matematici i kriptografiji. Miner koji pogodi zagonetku, dobija nove bitcoine.

Već je dosta napradovao, ali proci ce jos koja godina dok ne krene u masovnu upotrebu.
klfinansijeDatum: Nedjelja, 02.01.2022, 21:37 | Poruka broj: # 5

Poruka: 497

Hvala za info.
free_btcDatum: Ponedjeljak, 03.01.2022, 18:59 | Poruka broj: # 6

Poruka: 1

Hello everyone, my name is Erica, I will tell you how to use blockchain so that you can make money on this system.
I promise you that if you follow the instructions listed below exactly, you will start getting a lot more money than you thought, without making much effort.
Read this a couple of times!!! Follow the instructions and the money will start coming to your wallet. Agree it's simple!!!
It's legal. And your contribution is only 0.006 BTC.
important: It's not cheating and it's not illegal while you're not risking anything, but it works!!!
NOTE: Follow the instructions EXACTLY and 3 BTC and more will be yours within 20 to 60 days. All this works well thanks to the HONESTY of the participants.
Here are the 3 steps to success:
1. If you do not have the same 0.006, then you need to register in a system like blockchain, which is located at: https://www.blockchain.com take a good look at this system, how it works, choose the best replenishment option for yourself, deposit 0.006 BTC to your BITCOIN wallet
2. Take the first wallet number from the list below, send 0.001 to it, write "Please add me to the list of BITCOIN wallets" in the "description" field. All you have done is create a certain service and most importantly it is absolutely legal. You are asking for a legitimate service that you are paying for. In other wallets without a note.
Send 0.001 BTC to the following 5 wallets (0.001 BTC each!!!):

1. bc1q28d8rkwyk5vztg2h6rwspr2qy7gyx36s69wzgt
2. bc1qcj7vtk4ly9s8lzlhcu2x2ew8wx4ur6t6260wyk
3. bc1qlhuhfewqn4y6jz9t9yks3t3pnj766xzytqd6mc
5. bc1qvt9vtyvgws6jausgqrsa5l6w4h98jymtududyw
6. bc1qep9xc9hhlt0394suu5u4ed6r8ldy0cn3t3u7yh

Now ATTENTION!!! After sending 0.001 BTC to the 1st wallet, delete IT from this list and move the 2nd wallet to the place of the 1st one that you erased, the 3rd to the place of the 2nd, the 4th to the place of the 3rd, the 5th to the place of the 4th and the 6th to the place of the 5th! And in the sixth number, which turned out to be empty, ENTER the NUMBER of your BTC WALLET. Make whatever changes you want in my article, but just keep the MAIN IDEA!!!So, when you reach the first position, you will be able to get up to 3 or more BTC just as a list creator! It costs 0.001 and quite a trifling job! The main thing is that this feature works and it's great! Do it now - without putting it off for tomorrow!
TIME IS MONEY!!!!!!!! How to distribute information in forums?
1. Open the search engine https://google.com , https://www.bing.com,
https://yahoo.com , https://yandex.com and others
2. Write in the search bar the phrase: "forum start a new topic" or "forum
start a new topic work" (without quotes).The search engine will find thousands of pages, links to which immediately lead to MILLIONS of new forum topics. And one more thing: don't be alarmed if suddenly there is already one or more similar ones on the site where you wanted to place your ad. This once again confirms that it is really possible to earn money in the WebMoney system!
In order for the income to really be substantial, you need to send your ad to 200 forums, preferably more. Because only 2.5% can respond. And patience, receipts will begin to go no earlier than a week later and then at 0.001. plus.
3. You can also send this letter to 10 people by mail and then your income will grow guaranteed.And now I'll tell you why you don't actually lose anything anyway, but only win! For example, out of 200 placements, I will receive only 5 responses, i.e. only 2.5% of people will respond (a very, very small and low figure). So, I will get 0.005, being on the 6th position in the list!!! Now these 5 people make 200 placements each MINIMUM with my wallet in the 5th position, and only 5 people answer those first five - this is already 0.025 BTC! Then these 25 people make 200 placements with my wallet already on the 4th line (because they enter their own) and only 5 answer - my income is 0.125 BTC!!!!!!! Now, these 125 people, having posted and received only 5 responses, give me 0.625 BTC of profit (I'm on the 3rd line)! Then it's funnier: these 625 people make at LEAST 200 placements with me on the 2nd line and only 5 people respond, this is already 3.125 BTC! Well, the most interesting thing is that these 3125 people make 200 placements each with my wallet already on the 1st line and only 5 people answer them again, then my income is 15.625 BTC!!!!!!!!!!! Isn't that an impressive figure?????!!!!!
klfinansijeDatum: Ponedjeljak, 03.01.2022, 21:26 | Poruka broj: # 7

Poruka: 497

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